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    New Life provides a safe and loving environment for adults and children of all ages and developmental spectrums. We seek to create an inclusive atmosphere that encourages connection, conversation, and understanding. Our team of trained volunteers enjoys working with both adults and children regardless of their unique abilities and challenges. On a case by case basis, we utilize a one-to-one buddy system, and also have a sensory room should a child need to regroup in a separate, less stimulating environment. Our motor room allows our children to explore and play in a safe environment where they can express their needs in a room filled with care and support.

    The adults at our “Kings Table” group meet every Sunday morning at 11:00 to worship, pray, and enjoy each other’s company while listening to an encouraging word from a leader or a member of the groupThe King's Table is a weekly group for adults with special needs (anyone who faces physical, learning or cognitive disabilities) to learn of this wonderful life in Jesus through worship, prayer and biblical teaching. We love to pray and share our lives as we give to others. This group meets on Sundays from 11:00AM-12:30PM in the World Prayer Center at New Life Church. 


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    Colorado Springs
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